New Development Sales Projects

Deanna Kory has been Sales Director or handled the remaining developer units on the following new development buildings. As lead sales agent, Deanna advised on all aspects of design pre-construction and staging and marketing before and after completion. For all properties that were already finished, our team advised on staging of units and designed all marketing and branding strategies and materials.

Past Projects

Developed by GTIS Partners. 2018 – Present.
Sold 5 remaining new units at sales range from $5,950,000 – $12,450,000.

Developed by Extell. 2016 – 2017.
Sold 3 remaining developer units ranging from $7,250,000 – $7,850,000. Represented the buyer on a fourth developer unit.

Developed by Extell.
Sold one of the last developer units. Unit 2101, 5 – 6 bedroom duplex with private pool for $13M.

IH Preservation Partners.
Sales range from $389,000 – $1,600,000. Sizes ranged from studios through 4 Bedrooms. Deanna was involved in all aspects of design, branding pricing and strategy.  Project opened in June 2015.

Developed by Extell.
Sales ranged from $3,000,000 – $7,850,000 in 2007. Sizes ranged from 1 bedrooms to Penthouses. Under Deanna’s direction, the team sold $100M in nine months in an “off” location at the time.  Worked with Extell to develop the design of the units, the offerings, pricing, and layouts.  Deanna was also involved in all aspects of the marketing program, working with the developer and art team to establish branding and sales/marketing materials. In addition, Deanna advised on the sales office design.

In 2006, advised on the renovation details and styling of apartments.  Sizes ranged from one bedroom to three bedroom apartments.  Sold out over half the building within 6 months.  Deanna was involved in all aspect of design and marketing including branding and design of sales/marketing materials.

Developed by Dan McLean of MCL
Sales ranged from to $2,900,000 to $6,500,000. 2007 – 2016. Sales for remaining 7 units in the Landmark section of this property. 6 Rooms to 10 Rooms. Deanna advised on and coordinated the staging and marketing of each of those units.

Sales ranged $3,500,000 – 5,000,000 in 2007. Classic 7-8 Room homes in Prewar Condominium.  Advised on renovations and Deanna was closely involved in all aspects of staging.  Subsequently, she sold the units.

Sales ranged from $2,750,000 to $4,250,000 in 2007. Industrial loft building near Union Square with commercial tenants.  One was sold as a “white box”. Large full floor loft apartments. On the other, Deanna was involved in the staging and marketing of the unit.

Conversion to condominium in 2008. Unusual properties in a converted church. Advised on staging and presentation of properties.  Created marketing materials and branding.

Advised developer on building from ground up and interior design and all marketing and branding materials.  Acted in advisory role with a sales staff who sold many units during the recession in the market.

Developed by a small local developer.
1996 conversion of prewar building to co-op apartments. Advised on the renovation details and styling of apartments.  Sizes ranged from one bedroom to nine room apartments.  The available 16 units were sold within 6 months.  Deanna created marketing materials and design.  Advised on pricing and led the highly successful sales effort.

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