Innovative Marketing

The Deanna Kory Team is an industry leader with an independent marketing team on staff who work exclusively on promoting our exclusive listings and ensuring your property receives optimal exposure. We create attractive marketing tools that reflect the best presentation of your property and are consistently looking for new ways to drive more traffic to your listing based on a customized strategy while maintaining a laser focus on targeting the right buyers for your property. We also appreciate the key role technology plays today and are committed to remaining an industry leader so that we can better assist our clients in marketing their homes.

Exclusive Marketing provided by The Deanna Kory Team

This marketing brochure outlines the wealth of tools, both in print and digital form, from which our team creates a tailored marketing plan for your property highlighting its special features. We regularly review its effectiveness, modify it when needed, and provide you with a regular report on all marketing initiatives. Our innovative marketing generates exceptional exposure and targets the brokerage community and qualified, potential purchasers in the most effective manner.

The Deanna Kory team is recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the Manhattan residential real estate market, consistently ranking among the top 10 citywide. This makes us especially well-suited to successfully market and sell your property to your ultimate satisfaction. In the sophisticated Manhattan real estate market, it is critical as a seller to have an experienced team with an excellent track record in marketing behind you.

If you would like a copy of our marketing brochure outlining our strategic and comprehensive approach to generating excitement and exposure for your property, please contact us and we would be happy to send you a copy.

Work With Us

Our team is skilled in providing extensive analysis in a sophisticated and complex real estate market. From understanding net profit, capital gains, to detailed comparable evaluations, we offer the knowledge, data and information our clients need to be competitive.

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