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About Arbana

Arbana transitioned to the dynamic realm of real estate sales from the rigorous world of reporting with a distinguished background, awarded by the State Department as an International Woman of Courage. She has successfully merged her investigative skills, international connections, and research affinities into a thriving second career.  Living in New York for 6 years now, she has fallen in love with the city; while working with the Manhattan Real Estate top team, the Deann Kory team, as the Director of social media, she found herself becoming increasingly interested in real estate.

Known for cultivating a network of international connections during her journalistic endeavors, Arbana brings a global perspective to the real estate market. In her role as a sales agent in real estate, Arbana continues to leverage her background as a storyteller to communicate the value and potential of properties effectively. Clients benefit not only from her keen understanding of market dynamics but also from her ability to craft compelling narratives that make properties stand out.

With an illustrious career marked by journalistic achievements and a seamless transition into real estate, Arbana remains committed to delivering unparalleled service, drawing on her investigative skills, international connections, and research acumen to exceed the expectations of her clients.

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Our team is skilled in providing extensive analysis in a sophisticated and complex real estate market. From understanding net profit, capital gains, to detailed comparable evaluations, we offer the knowledge, data and information our clients need to be competitive.

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