June 1, 2023 | Deanna Kory Team

Deanna Kory Team: Real Deal Top Co-op Sales in 2022!

Deanna Kory Team: Real Deal Top Co-op Sales in 2022!
We’re thrilled to share the exciting news of the Deanna Kory Team’s outstanding NYC real estate sales achievements last year. The prestigious Real Deal magazine has ranked us as the #2 co-op sales and the #5 resale condo sales for 2022. This recognition is an honor and we hope speaks to our team’s unwavering dedication and expertise in NYC’s demanding real estate market.

Conquering Co-op Sales:

Our success in co-op sales is undeniable. The Real Deal rankings reveal that we sealed an impressive 54 co-op deals, totaling a staggering $193,775,533. Our ability to navigate the intricacies of co-op transactions and build strong relationships with buyers and sellers has made us a go-to resource for successful co-op deals in NYC.

Dominating Condo Resales:

We’re not just stopping at co-op sales! The Deanna Kory Team has also made a significant impact in the highly competitive condo resale market. With 43 condo resale deals, we’ve achieved a remarkable total of $119,857,633. By surpassing renowned brokers like Ryan Serhant, we’ve solidified our position in the top five condo resale brokers in the city.

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